Friday, July 29, 2016

Several weeks ago, Donald Trump supporters were getting a little nervous. He was having a few bad weeks and it was reflected in the polls, showing him with a 5-6 point deficit to Hillary Clinton in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

But things have certainly turned around. In the Reuters online tracking poll, Donald Trump has turned a 15 point DEFICIT since July 14 into a 2 point LEAD as of July 26th.

That is pretty amazing.

And Hillary’s 5-6 average lead in the RCP polling average?



It is now tied.

The only question is: Will Hillary get a bump coming out of the Democratic National Convention? That remains to be seen. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Team Crooked Hillary has to be nervous.

The primaries are over. The conventions are over.

Going forward, it will just be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And with the way Donald Trump is polling right now, Crooked Hillary is going to have one tough fight on her hands.

Tell others about this! There are likely some Trump supporters who don’t know about this turn events and should!

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