Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mike Rowe is an outspoken supporter for the working man. The Dirty Jobs host advocates for an increase in trade programs and regularly discusses the skills gap in the US.

Months ago, Rowe challenged the presidential candidates to donate something that could be used for fundraising for the mikeroweWORKS Foundation which helps send people to trade school. Donald Trump gave him a Trump hotel robe that was autographed by the GOP nominee.

Rowe got a request from someone who is interested in buying the robe:

Dear Mike – You likened your fundraising efforts in a previous post to a “perpetual telethon.” Might one conclude from that characterization the advent of some entertainment on this page? Speaking only for myself, I might be more inclined to bid on Donald Trump’s autographed bathrobe if you were to sing me a song. No guarantees – $11,000 for a bathrobe worn by a guy I’m not even voting for is pretty rich. But your cause is just, and I’m in the mood for a melody.
Donna Dixon

PS. I’d like to see Freddy as well. His absence on Friday’s has left a crater in my soul.

PPS. Also, I’d like to see you wearing the robe as you sing, and not over your street clothes. If I wind up owning the damn thing, I’d like to know that you were the last one to wear it, however briefly.

And as you can see in the video below, Rowe was happy to oblige!

WOW! It worked because the ebay auction for the robe is over $15k! Mike Rowe already showed us that he can sing opera. I didn’t know he could sing the blues too!

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