Friday, July 15, 2016

All police officers should want to wear body cameras. In addition to keeping some cops from abusing their authority (and some cops do), the cameras can also, at times, vindicate cops who are wrongly accused.

This was the case in Lenexa where a witness’ claimed police used excessive force and attempted to back up his story with a now viral video. The witness makes clear he says he saw no reason they should have been on the suspect the way they were. However, the police body cams and dash cam show a different story:

You see that? The perp ATTACKED THE COPS. The cops were well within their rights to do what they did. The man was obviously dangerous. And what saved them from the grief they obviously would have gotten? Their body cams and the dashboard camera.

The idiot the news people were interviewing was obviously lying about what he had seen. He had to have seen the guy attack the cops but he left that out of his little video.

This is something you should share with others as it is important to note that a full story needs to be told before judgment is rendered.

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