Monday, August 29, 2016

Someone please tell Barbra Streisand to “shut up and sing!” She believes that because she is a rich Hollywood type, she can look down upon us lowly peasants. She has a tendency to lecture us on politics and she’s at it yet again. In an interview on Australian TV, Babs couldn’t help but jabber on about Trump. These liberals are really obsessed. They can’t understand why everyday Americans are supporting him. Look in the mirror, Barbra! He’s got so much support because we are sick and tired of liberals like you lecturing us on what to do and think!

Babs is threatening to move to Australia if Trump wins. Is that a threat or a promise? Watch her in the video below and see what you think about being lectured by this Hollywood liberal.

Good riddance! This woman is such a hypocrite. She’s a global warming activist, yet she pays $22,000 a year to water her lawn. She doesn’t follow the rules she wants us to follow.

Get packing your bags, Babs! This threat just might encourage more people to vote for Trump. Stick to singing!

Please share this if you want Babs to relocate to Australia!

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