Friday, August 5, 2016

Charlie Daniels has had enough of Hillary Clinton’s lies. The country legend posted a harsh critique of Bill Clinton’s wife on his website. Like many of us, Charlie recognizes that laws don’t apply to people whose names are Bill or Hillary Clinton.

Charlie points out that Hillary either things thinks the she is above the law or she is a very stupid woman:

“She once practiced law, there are those who claim she’s the most brilliant woman on earth, she’s seen government operate from the highest echelons, has been privy to America’s most sensitive secrets, has been a Senator and Secretary of State and yet she sent email over an unsecured server.

She claims that the secret documents she sent out were not marked secret at the time, which – at least in my estimation – brings her judgment into serious question….

Would not any eighth grader have known that exposing even the minor doings of an entity as sensitive as the United States State Department would be a serious breach of national security, and should not a woman with the experience and inside knowledge of Hillary Clinton have known beyond a shadow of a doubt, that using an unsecured server for even the most mundane of transactions should never, by any means, ever happen?”

Then he highlighted Hillary’s negligence for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. Charlie wonders if she even cared.

“Did she really think that the pleadings of Ambassador Chris Stevens for more security in the days before the Benghazi debacle were not important enough to listen to or did she just think she knew better than anybody else and ignore it?

And when the attack first started and the desperate pleas for reinforcement started coming in, did she really think she knew how long they would be under siege? What does it tell you about her concern for those in her charge when she didn’t go to the president and plead for help to be dispatched to save her people, distance and time notwithstanding?..

And was it good judgment to deliberately lie about some video tape that was supposed to have incited the whole thing, especially to the grieving families standing over the coffins of their loved ones who had died defending the Embassy???”

I think it’s fair to assume that Charlie Daniels isn’t voting for Hillary Clinton in November! For Hillary’s next visit to Georgia, I suggest they play Charlie’s hit “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” as her entrance song. That would be pretty appropriate. You can see it below.

I agree with Charlie Daniels. There are a lot of questions that Hillary Clinton needs to answer. But, she seems to get away with murder while the rest of us follow the laws.

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You can read all of Charlie’s thoughts here.

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