Monday, August 29, 2016

Nigerian billionaire and Clinton Foundation donor Gilbert Chagoury was denied a visa and entry to the U.S. last year after an extensive review of his activities in Lebanon. The State Department refused the visa on terrorism grounds.

A 2013 FBI intelligence report cites Chagoury sent funds to Michael Aoun, a Lebanese politician whose political party is part of a political coalition with Hezbollah. The report went onto to state that Aoun transferred the funds to Hezbollah and that he was “facilitating fundraising for Hezbollah.”

This isn’t the first time Chagoury has been connected to terrorism and dirty dealings. He rose to power after marrying the daughter of a prominent Nigerian businessman and subsequently received numerous development deals and oil franchises after Gen. Sani Abacha rose to power in Nigeria in the early 90s.

Chagoury and his brother Ronald began to curry favor from the Clinton-run State Department. U.S. special envoy Donald E. McHenry dealt with Chagoury and described his dealings as thus, “Their effort was to try and influence anyone who they though could influence the U.S. government.” He continued, “They tried every key on the piano.”

Acting Assistant Atty. Gen Mythili Raman later referred to Abacha as “one of the most notorious kleptocrats in memory,” after it was revealed he stole billions in public funds.

Some of that money he  stole just so happened to be found in Gilbert Chagoury’s accounts. Chagoury was forced to pay a fine of 1 million Swiss francs, $600,000, and return $65 million to Nigeria. He was even able to get a Swiss conviction expunged.

After Abache’s death and the subsequent lawsuits Chagoury began to build political connections throughout the world including with the Clintons.

According to the LA Times, “he gave $460,000 to a voter registration group steered by Bill Clinton’s allies and was rewarded with an invitation to a White House dinner.” He even helped arrange a speech for Bill Clinton at St. Lucia where Clinton received $100,000.

That’s not the worst of it. Chagoury has donated between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

For his donations he received praise for his Chagoury Group’s Eko Atlantic development at a 2009 Clinton Global Initiative conference and again in 2013 as Bill Clinton said, “I especially thank my friends Gilbert and Ron Chagoury for making it happen.”

But that’s not all. U.S. diplomats planned to sign a 99-year lease with Chagoury’s Eko Atlantic to build a brand new Nigerian Consulate in Lagos.

Chagoury has also had run-ins with United States security. In 2010, Homeland Security removed him from a private jet in New Jersey and questioned him for four hours. He was on the no-fly list.

This is just another piece of evidence in Crooked Hillary’s file that proves her corruption and association to people who actively work against the United States. Hillary and Bill both actively dealt with a man whose history involves stealing money from his own country. Not to mention this man also tried to buy influence in other countries and in the United States!

Hillary Clinton should never be allowed to step foot in the White House again. She deserves to be in prison for the rest of her life!

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H/T: The Washington Free Beacon


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