Wednesday, August 17, 2016

CNN has been busted for editing a video of Sylville Smith’s sister. The “news” reported that Sharelle Smith called for peace and an end to the riots from Black Lives Matter protestors after her brother was shot and killed by a black police officer after he pulled a gun on the cop.

Sharelle Smith didn’t call for peace! She told the Black Lives Matter rioters to go burn down the suburbs rather than the black neighborhoods. Watch what she actually said in the video below!

Now watch the video below and see how CNN reported it.

A complete fabrication of the news! The Clinton News Network is trying to promote their agenda. They want to sanitize the Black Live Matter protest. There is nothing sanitary or safe about burning down the suburbs or the city.

They even called Sharelle Smith “Victim’s Sister.” The victim is the police officer who Sylville Smith pulled a gun on. Smith is not a victim whatsoever. Stop pandering to thugs! Why doesn’t CNN care about people who follow the laws?

Please share this to expose CNN’s lies!

H/T: Live Leak

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