Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Comedy fans are mourning the passing of Gene Wilder. The hilarious actor brought us so much joy and laughter over his lengthy career.

He paired so well with Richard Pryor. I loved them in “Stir Crazy” when they were sentenced to 125 years in prison in a shotgun trial after being framed for a bank robbery.

Who can’t relate to their reaction in the clip below after hearing the lifelong sentence for a crime they never committed? I would be freaking out too!

In the clip below, the pair then tried to fake insanity in prison. That didn’t work out too well for their characters, but they sure did make us laugh. It takes pure talent to ad-lib like these two did.

Gene Wilder has left us with a lot of memories and a whole bunch of laughs. He was talent unlike any other.

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