Monday, August 15, 2016

The rule of law doesn’t apply to Hillary Clinton. She never has any consequences for her illegal activity or she would have already been thrown in prison.

Now her campaign is really thumbing its nose at law abiding Americans. They are enlisting Dreamers also known as illegal immigrants to help with voter registration drives. Yup, Bill Clinton’s wife is seeking out illegal aliens to register voters.

The scandal plagued former First Lady wants Dreamers to find sympathetic actual citizens and sign them up to vote for Corrupt Hillary. She’s really living up to that nickname.

Watch as an ILLEGAL immigrant campaigns for Hillary. Notice how MSNBC fawns over her.

Outrageous! Laws are simply things that you and I have to follow. What about all the legal immigrants? People who followed the laws aren’t good enough for Hillary. She needs her fellow criminals to help her campaign.

Donald Trump has promised to crack down on illegal immigrants. He will end the Dreamer program, so the people who are here illegally will have to go back home.

Please share this if you want Donald Trump to STOP Illegal Immigration!

H/T: Fox News

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