Monday, August 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton can’t shake her email scandal no matter how many lies she tells to try to cover for it.

The former Secretary of State attempted to blame Colin Powell for her troubles. She said that Powell suggested she use a private email server. But, Powell fired back that Clinton was lying.

Powell said that Clinton was trying to “pin” her scandal on him. But, she had already been using her private server for a year before she even asked him about it. And when they discussed it, he didn’t recommend sending classified emails on a private email account.

Watch the video below to see Hillary get caught up in yet another lie.

This woman just can’t help herself. Her husband can’t control his philandering and she can’t control her lying. They make quite a pair!

Where is Al Sharpton? Hillary tried to blame her problems on a black man. He should be protesting rather than endorsing her.

This woman wants to be president but she can’t even manage to get through a week without lying! This should disqualify her! What do you think?

Please share this if you want Hillary to be held accountable for all her lies!

H/T: Free Beacon

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