Thursday, August 11, 2016

Remember the movie Jerry Maguire? The famous scene where Tom Cruise is shouting, “SHOW ME THE MONEYYYYY!!!” is almost like the lives of the Clinton’s since they left the White House.

They are all about power and money.

Hillary Clinton was treated at New York Presbyterian Hospital in January 2013 for a blood clot doctors discovered after she had suffered a concussion after passing out and hitting her head weeks earlier.

Then look what happened:

The Clinton Family Foundation—the Clintons’ second, much smaller foundation—then donated six figures to the hospital’s fund, according to records filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

The same year Clinton received treatment for the blood clot, the foundation made a $25,000 donation to New York-Presbyterian Fund Inc., the fund associated with the hospital.

The Clinton Family Foundation then donated $100,00 to the hospital’s fund in 2014. The Clintons did not donate to the hospital from their personal foundation before Hillary was treated in its facilities, records show.

The big question here is: WHY?

Kindness? I doubt it. How about not to release any additional information about her condition? There has been a lot of speculation Crooked Hillary actually suffered from a stroke, not just a concussion. That would say an awful lot about her health and if she is ready to assume the duties of the President.

Pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli believes Hillary has Parkinson’s.

Others think a pattern of very unnatural behavior has emerged

One thing is for sure the Clintons are all about the money. Money for power. Part of that power is ensuring that information about them remains hidden from the public eye. This seems awfully suspicious.

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