Thursday, August 4, 2016

Stupid is as stupid does. And apparently there was a lot of stupid at Hillary Clinton’s rally in Omaha.

Hillary actually promised to raise taxes on the middle class and the Hillary-philes ROARED in applause! It’s just sickening! In this awful economy, these lemmings cheered taxes on the already overburdened middle class who are forced to fund so many entitlement programs!

Billionaire Warren Buffet was on hand for the rally. He even cheered Hillary’s promise to raise taxes on those hard working people in the middle class. That billionaire liberal wants you to pay higher taxes too! Watch the video below to see it for yourself!

Are all these people on welfare? Why would all those middle class people cheer about raising their own taxes? Since these folks are so keen on paying more in taxes, they are free to just send checks to the IRS voluntary.

Please share this to help get the word out that Hillary wants to raise taxes on the middle class!

H/T: Conservative Outfitters

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