Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ice Cube has some strong words about Donald Trump. A viral meme claimed that the rapper endorsed the GOP nominee, but Ice Cube set the record straight in a profanity laced tweet.

After dropping the f bomb, he followed it up with the meme in question reminding people not to put words in his mouth.

The origin of the meme most likely came from an interview Ice Cube did back in the spring. In it he slammed Hillary Clinton for her racist comments about black youth being super predators. As you can see in the video below, the NWA rapper actually said that Hillary’s “super predator” comments are responsible for creating Black Lives Matters.

Even though he’s not a Hillary fan, Ice Cube never endorsed Trump. I can understand why he’s upset with having his endorsement pimped out on social media when he never gave it.

However, Trump isn’t to blame for this. In fact, Cube commits the same wrong he is so upset about. He accuses Trump of trying to steal endorsements when he did no such thing. Trump wasn’t part of the creation of this meme. Anyone can make a meme. Cube needs to come down off his high horse and own up to his own hypocrisy.

I don’t look to Hollywood or any celebrity for guidance with my vote. I’m voting for Donald Trump. He might not have earned Ice Cube’s vote, but he has mine!

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H/T: The Right Scoop

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