Thursday, August 25, 2016

So if you know Jeff Dunham, then you know he has revitalized the comedy of ventriloquism.  Dunham has great characters such as Walter (the grumpy old man), Peanut, Jose Jalapeno On Stick, Bubba J (the redneck) and of course Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

The best part of Dunham’s is that political correctness is not part of the performance. Think of a ventriloquist version of Don Rickles. That is Jeff Dunham.

In this hilarious clip, Dunham is working with Achmed the Dead Terrorist who he introduces to the son he hasn’t seen in ages. Achmed, Junior has a British accent because he was raised in England after “the accident.” Much to Achmed’s dismay, his son seems to favor men. In this case, Achmed doesn’t believe that love wins! He also can’t remember which of his 47 wives is this son’s mother!

Achmed, Junior explains how the accident occurred and why he does not want to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a terrorist. The results, are uproariously funny, but be warned that there is some bad language during this father/son reunion!

That is tear inducing laughter right there! Dunham is one of the best and quite frankly, the country needs more comedy like this. Stop getting offended and just start laughing. Achmed, his son and Jeff Dunham sure can bring the laughs by throwing political correctness right out the window!

Achmed is one of Jeff Dunham’s most popular sidekicks. He is in such demand, that he is a bit of world traveler. Achmed accompanied Jeff to Israel. As you can imagine, he was a bit surprised at who he saw in the audience. However, the crowd loved Achmed’s bluntness when he asked Jeff, “What’s up with all the Jews?” Click here to see that hilarious video!

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