Tuesday, August 23, 2016

An Army operational security brief states what many of us feel – that Hillary Clinton is a threat to America!

Leaked information from the Army lists inside threats to America. Hillary Clinton is listed and pictured there among service members Nidal Hassan, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and Aaron Alexis. General Petraus, who pled guilty to mishandling classified information, was also listed on the sheet of inside threats, which you can see below.

US Army W.T.F. Moments posted the information on Facebook. They report this isn’t the first time a service member has sent them this slide. This time it came from someone at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.

It appears the Army considers Hillary Clinton a threat because she was a “careless or disgruntled” employee during her tenure as Secretary of State when she used a home-brew email server to send classified information, putting Americans at risk.

That action alone makes her a threat. Some have already speculated that her email scandal cost Shahram Amiri his life. He was executed in Iran after Hillary carelessly emailed his name on her unsecure email after Amiri helped the US obtain information on Iran’s covert nuclear program.

If the Army actually considers the Democratic nominee for President a threat, that is something that should be released to the public.

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H/T: The Libertarian Republic

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