Thursday, August 18, 2016

Liberal organizations have funded the Black Lives Matter movement to the tune $100 million dollars.

The democrats are doubling down on the movement that has led to the murders of multiple police officers throughout the country.

This liberal pet project is supporting hostility and threats to our law enforcement officers as well as every day citizens like you and me. They burn down cities, loot businesses, and are murdering cops.

Unbelievable. The Democrats once pretended to support the FOP but they don’t even care to pretend anymore. They don’t support our cops. They don’t support those who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. Instead, they are bankrolling the people who are blocking traffic, screaming disparaging words at police officers and even shooting police officers.

Barack Obama hijacked the memorial service of 5 Dallas police officers  who were killed by a Black Lives Matter murdering thug. He mentioned police brutality, which was like spitting on the officers’s graves. Liberals are supporting this violent movement with their actions, words AND their money.

Please share this to let everyone know that the Democrats SUPPORT murderers and criminals over our police officers!

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