Thursday, August 25, 2016

Obama is getting a taste of his own medicine. The US President went to England to try to suppress the Brexit vote. Obama failed and it passed.

Now the Brexit leader has come to the United States to speak alongside Donald Trump. Nigel Farage brought down the house at a Trump rally in Mississippi. He got quite the reaction when he said, “I wouldn’t vote for Clinton if you paid me!”

Watch the video below to see the enthusiastic response to Farage’s speech.

Wow is right!

“Anything is possible if enough decent people are prepared to stand up against the establishment!”

Farage’s Brexit campaign proves that. Despite numerous obstacles including the press trying to label him a racist as well as questionable polling showing his movement was going to fail, he and the British people were able to overcome and win!

The same thing is happening here! The media relentlessly assaults Donald Trump at every turn and churns out bad poll after bad poll. But just like Farage we are the secret weapon. We are the undercover vote that will push Donald Trump to victory just as his campaign manager predicts.

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