Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The floods in Louisiana are being called the worst natural disaster in the United States since Hurricane Sandy in 2012. 80,000 homes have been destroyed. People have lost all their belongings. Many people will have to start over from scratch.

If you’ve ever had to spend time in a shelter due to storms, it is not a pleasant experience. It is noisy, crowded, and uncomfortable. There’s nothing people want to do more than get out and go home. Except many of these people don’t have a home to return to. One couple decided to change that shelter experience for hundreds of people who lost their homes.

Christian and Amanda Dornhorst spent over $1,840 of their own money to buy enough supplies to feed people some barbecue at the shelters. Check out the photos below:

Not only did they feed people displaced from their homes, but also law enforcement officers and members of the military who were there to help with relief efforts.

People don’t have to do these kinds of things. They want to and it shows they care.

Share this with others. Maybe somebody will be inspired to help others like the Dornhorst’s did!

h/t Little Things

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