Monday, August 8, 2016

Country songs almost always tell stories. Especially classic country. The songs were personal and heartfelt. The people who wrote the songs were doing so to tell stories. It wasn’t about making money. It was about telling stories from the heart people could relate to.

Merle Haggard was one of the best. He wrote a song called ‘Working Man Blues’ that was a tribute to his FANS. In it, he told THEIR story. The hard working blue collar American who just wanted to do a hard day’s work for good pay.

This song in part explains why Donald Trump is so popular. He gets it. Here are just some of the lyrics:

I keep my nose on the grindstone, I work hard every day
Might get a little tired on the weekend, after I draw my pay
But I’ll go back workin’, come Monday morning I’m right back with the crew

That’s all a lot of people are looking for. Check out the video:

Powerful stuff. Simply told and straight to the point. Pulls no punches. Sound familiar? if so it’s because it’s part of the reason Trump has enjoyed all of this political success.

This is such a great song and let’s you understand why blue collar workers are so enamored by Donald Trump.

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