Monday, August 1, 2016

Fresh after getting the nomination at the DNC, Hillary Clinton is back to doing what she does best – lying.

The embattled former Secretary of State took her tour of lies on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. The host asked her about sending classified information on her personal email server. She lied about that, even though James Comey said under oath that she did have over 300 classified emails that should never have been sent.

She claimed we misunderstood the words that were coming out of Comey’s mouth. Watch the video below and be amazed at this woman’s lack of honesty.

This woman has no interest in telling the truth. She is completely self serving. She lies as if it is an art form.

Watch this side by side video of her and Comey. She is blatantly lying about having classified emails.

We shouldn’t be shocked. Bill Clinton also committed perjury. Like her husband, Hillary must not know what the word ‘truth’ means.

Someone who can do something about this has noticed all the lying. Trey Gowdy peppered FBI Director Comey with questions that seemed to set Hillary up for a perjury indictment. We can only hope that comes to fruition.

Please share this if you think Hillary Clinton belongs in prison!

H/T: Breitbart

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