Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson isn’t shy about speaking his mind. He has some views that aren’t popular with some people (mainly leftists and the media). He says them anyhow because they are the truth and need to be said.

He had some strong words for Republicans who might want to shun God from the party platform after this election.

“If they get ready to ‘boo’ God out of the Republican party, I’m leaving with Him.”

In the interview below, Phil discusses how he believes Trump will “resurrect” the United States. He believes Trump will turn the country around. It’s classic Phil where he both speaks about the Word of God and says how awful Hillary Clinton is.

A lot of us would leave the Republican party if they turned their backs on God and religious freedom. The First Amendment must be defended. It goes right to the heart of why our country was founded in the first place.

Please share this if you agree with Phil that Donald Trump will turn this country around!

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