Wednesday, August 3, 2016

If you are a dog lover, this story will touch your heart and make your day!

A stray pitbull saved a woman who was being attacked by a man. The homeless and battered dog saw the woman in need and intervened. The dog ended up being stabbed five times!

When police arrived to help the woman, they found the dog bleeding in the street. They knew they had to help this amazing dog. So, they took him to the vet where he had surgery and almost died twice.

They named the dog Hero, as he actually is one. Now Hero is in need of a home. His body shows that he has had a rough life, but he has a gentle heart and a very protective nature! As you can see in the video below, he is a super sweet dog.

Pitbulls have a bad reputation in the media because of dog fighters, but their nature is to be sweet and loyal. They used to be referred to as “Nanny Dogs.” Hero lived up to that name by helping a complete stranger who might be dead if he hadn’t intervened.

Hero is available for adoption through Fighting For The Bullys. If you are interested in making him a member of your family, you can fill out an application on their website.

Please share this to get Hero the home he deserves! Everyone needs a Hero!

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