Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It’s bad enough when civilians are joining up with ISIS. But now we are seeing something far more frightening: A member of law enforcement has been charged with aiding ISIS.

His name is Nicholas Young, a DC Transit Cop,  and this investigation has been going on for some time — as far back as 2010. Investigators say there is no threat to the Metro system. It would mark the first time a United States law enforcement officer would be charged with supporting ISIS.

The investigation started as a result of Young’s friendship with a friend, Zachary Chesser, who had previously pleaded guilty to supporting a foreign terrorist organization. In addition, Young met with Amine El Khalifi several times. El Khalifi was charged with plotting to carry out a suicide bombing at the US Capitol.

Much of the story reads like something out of a Jason Bourne movie:

In 2014, Young also began meeting with an informant who convinced Young he was traveling overseas to join ISIS in Syria, according to the FBI. Once Young believed that had happened, the FBI began communicating directly with Young electronically, posing as the informant.

The core charge of material support came from Young allegedly buying gift cards to support ISIS through mobile messaging accounts. He sent the gift card codes to the person he believed to be in Syria in late July.

Check out the video below for more details:

This goes to show that good intelligence and data collection assists law enforcement  with preventing terror attacks, not just investigating them after they’ve happened.

Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik said this also shows how people should not keep quiet if they suspect something. If something is suspicious, it should be reported.

Pavlik’s statement is important because solid intelligence and effective information sharing was able to nab this man. People weren’t stymied by political correctness afraid they might be labeled a “racist” or any other terrible name the lefties come up with. Instead a BAD guy was caught.

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