Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pastor Greg Locke has had enough of the violence against police officers. He made a blistering Facebook video condemning hoodlums and calling for Americans to show some respect for our law enforcement officers who sacrifice so much to help keep us safe.

While Pastor Locke condemned the lowlifes, he also attacked the media for promoting violence by lambasting police officers. And he’s right, the media has been encouraging this type of tactic.

Not only did he go after the media, he went after parents for raising this generation of “smart-mouthed, narcissistic individuals who have no reverence and respect for authority whatsoever.”

This pastor’s message went mega-viral for a reason – it’s exactly what we need to hear! This video has over 3.7 million views and has been shared over 3.7 million times. He goes hard after hoodlums who attack or demean our police officers and those parents and elected officials who protect the creeps. He also makes a valid point that Black Lives Matter protestors want to divide Americans and promote violence against cops.

Watch his fiery and brilliant message:

This is straight to the point and so true.

When it all goes down and it will go down, I’m standing on the side of law enforcement. We need a Commander-in-Chief that will put on a suit and tie and stand before the American people and let them know that we fully, emphatically, and passionately support law enforcement officers. Those that wear the uniform deserve our love, our compassion, our understanding, and our respect.


We need to show our love, compassion, and respect to law enforcement officers. We also need to condemn Black Lives Matter for the violent, destructive organization that it is. This is America and we must stand together to protect the American dream!

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