Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ted Nugent is known as the “Motor City Madman.” He hails from Detroit (and still lives in that area). He’s a very staunch conservative and firm believer in the Second Amendment.

He is also not politically correct in any way. The Nuge has strong opinions and he is not afraid to share them. This of course has gotten the attention of whiny leftists and now the social justice warrior contingent is trying to disrupt his concerts:

The singer’s upcoming show at the Minnesota Fair on Friday is being protested by a group of Freeborn County residents, and his show in Illinois is also causing a stir.

The “Choose Civility” campaign aims to make their Freeborn a “kinder community.”

Jennifer Vogt-Erickson claims, “The fair reflects the values of the entire county, and having Ted Nugent perform at the fair would reflect tolerance of racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, xenophobia, ableism, and incivility toward people who protest his remarks or cancel his shows.”

This is how social justice warriors work: “To hell with free speech and free assembly! We want this guy who offends people to SHUT UP.” 

The irony is lost on them.

Here is a simple solution for the crybabies looking to get concerts cancelled: Don’t go to the concerts. Easy as that.

Nugent responded to the protestors on Facebook:

Clearly I am doing God’s work as the America hating lying Saul Alinsky scumdogs are all pissed off…Watch the devils squirm! Hopefully we will get photos/vid of the dopey protestors with their American Communist Party regalia xposing their disdain for personal hygiene. Precious!

Absolutely brilliant and the truth. These people HATE America and want to see her destroyed!

Here is some video of Nugent speaking with O’Reilly. From watching this you have to wonder what the protesters are protesting about:

See that? He’s funny and engaging. He didn’t even take Paul McCartney’s bait.

So what is the problem? One.

He’s conservative and he is not politically correct.

You don’t have to like his music but he’s got just as much a right to have a concert as other acts and bands.

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