Thursday, August 4, 2016

Terror has come to London again – this time in Russell Square where a Norwegian-Somali brutally attacked a number of people with a knife. Chanel Britton, 19, killed a 60-year-old American. He also wounded five others, two women and three men. The other victims were British, American, Israeli, and Australian.

Britton prowled around Russell Square stabbing his victims in the back, side, and arms. They were left “screaming and covered in blood.” The American woman tried to warn others with her dying words, “He’s still here.”

A witness, who was attempting to staunch the bleeding of the woman, also noted she stated, “He’s still here, he’s still here.”

British police tasered the man who was still wandering around Russell Square and took him into custody. Watch the video of the arrest below:

British authorities originally reported the attack as possibly being motivated by terrorism. However, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commisioner Mark Rowley believes the attack was “spontaneous” and “not motivated by terrorism.” He went on to say “early indications suggest that mental health is a significant factor in this case and that is one major line of inquiry.

Take a listen to his report:

However, the images of the attack are being shared heavily on messaging app Telegram which sick ISIS supporters use to communicate.

Some of those messages include:

  • It’s nice to wake up to such news
  • And here you have a picture of the site where the stabbing took place, Russell Square in the centre of ‘Christendom’ London.

This is horrifying! But it goes to show you how much hate these people are filled with. They will stop at nothing to kill us and destroy our way of life.

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H/T: Daily Mail and Express

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