Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Titanic sunk over a century ago, but people are still drawn to its story. The pain surrounding the tragedy must have been unbearable for survivors and family members. So many children were left fatherless. So many women were left widowed. So many parents were left to grieve their children. Scroll through this slide show to see a video of survivor Eva Hart talking about her experience.

Survivors were treated as heroes. They were often asked for autographs and sought out for events. In an age before technology linked all of us, these survivors were the only connection to the ship’s sinking.

Since the actual sinking wasn’t documented in pictures, survivor’s memories were the only thing tangible making them highly sought after for decades.

However, pictures were taken of survivors, their family members, and various activities surrounding their homecoming. We’ve gathered some below for you to see:

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