Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Obama has had many scandals during his tenure as President. But, the one that is breaking right now is perhaps the worst of them all.

The Obama Administration gave Iran $400 million as they were releasing four American hostages. The transfer was made in an unmarked plane. The White House paid them off in foreign currency rather than US currency because giving them dollars would be a violation of the Iran Deal.

In addition to this secret and terrifyingly dangerous transaction, the White House also released 7 Iranian prisoners. This payoff puts more Americans at risk for being taken hostage. Iran funds terrorist group Hezbollah. Obama essentially just funded a terrorist group and encouraged Iran to take more Americans hostage for a payday.

Watch the video below. Whose side is Barack Obama on?

Obama is helping fund terrorism with our own money! How is this not treason? Of course the mainstream media is unlikely to ask this. They probably won’t even ask Hillary how she feels about this.

Terrorism keeps getting worse under the Obama regime. And Hillary promises to continue it. We must defeat her in November!

Please share this if you think Obama should be held accountable for this!

H/T: Fox Business

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