Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Donald Trump isn’t one to mince words. One part of his appeal is that he’s not politically correct. We are tired of politicians sanitizing their language as not to offend. We want a real person who will say it like it is.

Donald Trump doesn’t disappoint in that regard. After Hillary Clinton lied about FBI Director James Comey’s comments regarding her email server, Trump called out Bill Clinton’s wife’s lies. Then he took it a step farther and called her “the devil.”

Watch the video below and see if you agree with Trump.

“If he would have just not done anything, go home, go to sleep, relax, he would have been a hero. But he made a deal with the devil. She’s the devil. He made a deal with the devil. It’s true,” Trump said.

Of course Trump is being attacked for calling Hillary names. But, how is this different than the insinuations that the wicked Democrats make? I would rather have a direct approach.

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