Friday, August 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton is a very skilled politician. She has the lying and smear part of politics down pat. As you know, liberals believe anyone who objects to the Democrats is racist. And now Hillary is trying to paint Donald Trump and his supporters as racist, too.

If she thinks Trump is racist, why did she attend his wedding? She only wants to call him that now that he is her opponent.

The Trump campaign released a couple of ads in response to Hillary’s most recent ad. They hit her hard. We are tired of being called racists for not being Clinton lapdogs. I’m glad someone is finally pushing back against phony charges of racism.

As you can see in the two Trump videos below, Hillary doesn’t have any grounds to call others racist. Even Bernie Sanders said she used a “racist term.”

And, this one:

Donald Trump is going to continue fighting back at these smears from Hillary. He is not going to let anyone paint him as a racist as you can see in the video below.

“It’s the oldest play in the Democratic playbook … It’s a tired, disgusting argument.”


Who is Hillary Clinton to judge anyone? She considered KKK leader Robert Byrd to be a mentor of hers! She even eulogized him on the State Department’s YouTube channel.

What a hypocrite this woman is. Will the press say anything to challenge her or will they continue carrying her heavy water?

Please share this if you are tired of false charges of racism!

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