Monday, August 22, 2016

The GOP nominee is getting praise from some unlikely sources – prominent Democrats.

Donald Trump’s visit to Louisiana is being hailed by Louisiana Democratic governor John Bel Edwards as well as former Democratic US Senator Mary Landrieu. Trump went to the Bayou state to highlight all the damage and misery caused by massive flooding. 

The Democrats have been put in a tough position with Trump’s visit to flood stricken Louisiana. They initially dismissed it as a “photo op” but Trump was received so well that it has Democrats in that state in fear of a backlash at the ballot box. Now they can’t ignore the fact that Trump’s trip did a lot of good.

Watch the Governor and former Senator Mary Landrieu praise Trump:

President Obama has been golfing and vacationing while so many Louisianans suffer. The national news media has been downplaying the extent of the damage and the plight of those who have lost everything. While they skewered President Bush for not personally doing enough after Hurricane Katrina, they are giving Barack Obama a pass on lounging around while Americans suffer and fight for their lives.

Trump’s visit forced the press to cover the tragedy. It also highlighted the blind eye of President Obama. In fact, the President hasn’t made a public statement about the flooding, instead continuing his race baiting activities and divisive rhetoric by issuing a memo warning Louisiana not to discriminate with their disaster assistance! What a complete loser! He doesn’t care because he’s up not for re-election! Everything is about race to him – even a flood!

Trump not only gave a $100,000 to help Louisianans, but he also personally handed out supplies as you can see in the raw video below.

He cared enough to be there. And while the Democrats initially scoffed at the trip calling it a photo op, it is obvious that the trip was anything but that and made a substantial impact to highlight the devastation our fellow Americans are facing.

That impact can be clearly seen when Jeff Nolan met Donald Trump when the GOP nominee was in Louisiana. Nolan was very touched that Trump came to stand shoulder to shoulder with those impacted by the floods. Nolan was brought to tears speaking about Trump’s visit as you can see in the video below.

Wow! Trump showed that he really cares. He took a risk going to Louisiana as the press attempted to cover for Obama and discount Trump’s intentions. But, sometimes you just have to do the right thing without concern for the consequences. That’s what Trump did and people are noticing.

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H/T: The Hill

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