Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Admittedly, I was a big fan of the National Geographic specials that used to be on television all the time. They’d have this amazing footage of lions and cheetahs chasing zebras or gazelles. You’d actually root for the animal being chased quietly hoping they wouldn’t get caught. Unfortunately, the laws of nature aren’t concerned about that and sure enough we’d watch as a poor zebra became a meal for 4-5 lions.

As technology has advanced, capturing these moments in slow motion is truly fascinating. Check out this video. It shows a caracal, a medium sized wild cat that lives in areas of Africa and the Middle East, going after a bird, not only showing off its’ jumping ability but also its speed as it it is able to get at the bird – in mid flight.

Check it out:


That caracal has some serious dexterity! The weaver didn’t stand a chance.

Share with others. The photography alone is worth watching.

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