Friday, September 23, 2016

Elvis’s music has a way of getting everyone to move. Even animals and children are not immune to the contagious beat. It makes you want to get up and move!

The video below is proof of this. After seeing his parents dance, this two year old took to the dance floor when “Jailhouse Rock” came on. He watches his parents dance every night and obviously learned their moves. He clears the dance floor to showcase his moves. Everyone claps along because he did an amazing job.

He wasn’t shy at all. There were a lot of people surrounding the dance floor. They clapped and cheered for this little guy as he danced to The King. This seemed to embolden him. He danced all over the dance floor.

The video below will make your day! It’s absolutely adorable! Watch what he does at the end!

What a little heartbreaker! I love how he takes a bow at the end. He is a natural performer!

It’s remarkable that he lasted the entire song. He didn’t poop out or lose interest. Elvis is clearly going to continue being popular for a long time. This two-year-old proves The King’s music will live on forever!

Music can really help people move out of their box. Elvis’s music is rather powerful as this little boy demonstrated. But, it helps older people as well. A man with dementia was depressed and agitated with his life and condition. But, when they turn on his favorite Elvis sings, he completely transforms and begins dancing. Elvis’s music can move miracles. Click here to see that man dance to “Heartbreak Hotel” and other Elvis songs.

Elvis’s music still brings plenty of smiles decades after his death. His music will truly live on forever!

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