Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It doesn’t matter that Ahmed Mohamed aka “Clock Boy” is still pretty much a kid. I’ve about had it with his victimhood status and he keeps trying to perpetuate it.

On the 15 anniversary of September 11, this punk decided it was time to go on Twitter and whine about his situation. Here is what he said:

He is STILL perpetuating the LIE that he’s this completely innocent victim. There is a piece here that breaks down the myths that is well worth reading in its entirety but I will summarize here:

  1. His clock was not a school project. He brought it in on his own.
  2. His engineering teacher praised him but said since the clock looked like a suitcase bomb, he should put it away. He didn’t, bringing it to his next class where it started beeping, alarming his teacher.
  3. Investigators realized his “clock” wasn’t a bomb, but believed he was part of a bomb hoax which his school has a no-tolerance policy thus leading to his arrest.
  4. He isn’t some random kid. His father ran for president of Sudan twice and coordinated with CAIR their response to this “outrage.”
  5. Ahmed attended a mosque that was trying to impose Sharia Law in Irving, Texas

The bottom line here is, if this kid and his parents weren’t purposely setting things up, they sure did a great job capitalizing on it. They’re frauds. The publicity has gotten them money, shout outs from President Obama, and turned them into perpetual victims.

It’s time the United States permanently ban this kid from the United States of America. He obviously doesn’t care about our laws and just like Hillary Clinton every word out of his mouth is a complete lie. We don’t need or want liars and America haters.

What he said on the 15th anniversary of 9/11 is a disgrace and people should know.

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