Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hypocrisy and the left go hand in hand. Especially when it comes to Hollywood players. And most especially when it comes to guns. There are a number of Hollywood actors – Liam Neeson and Matt Damon to name two – who make tons of money playing characters that spend a good amount of time shooting other people on screen.

Granted, what they do is not real but if they are so concerned about the EVIL of guns, wouldn’t they take more roles that emphasize them less? In addition, while constantly pointing out how AWFUL guns are, certain Hollywood people are happy to have ARMED GUARDS protecting them while advocating for policies that restrict the second amendment rights of others.

Amy Schumer is a perfect example of that. Look at her language when talking to her second cousin, left wing New York Senator, Chuck Schumer:

“Chuck Schumer called, and I answered and said I hope this is about preventing gun violence, and he said yes, do you want to do something? And I was like yes, let’s work together, I really want to help. So then I started going to events and meeting all these families of victims.”

Take a listen to her awful anti-gun press conference with Chuck Schumer:

But when asked about her own security, in a conversation with Lena Dunham, she yapped about how she had increased security around her – armed security! She told Dunham, “Yes. Security is up,” Schumer replied. “I’m really trying to protect myself. I am not being an idiot.”

This kind of absurdity has to stop. These people think there is one set of rules for themselves and another for everybody else. They’ll never admit it and they’ll claim to have pure motives but 99% of the time, the left is motivated by preventing somebody from doing something they want to be able to.

Gun control measures are just a part of it.

Share this with others. Let them know this kind of hypocrisy is UNACCEPTABLE.

H/T: Breitbart

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