Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Priorities USA is a Super PAC that is backing Crooked Hillary Clinton. They have been spending a TON of money on negative ads directed at Donald Trump but this latest one is kind of a head scratcher.


While this ad is obviously supposed to be an anti-Trump ad, it comes off as a pro-Trump ad!

Check it out:

Is there a downside here? Maybe for Priorities USA.

Millions of people agree with the positions Trump espouses in that ad! This goes to show the mind of the left. If you disagree with them, it’s not a difference of opinion. They always believe there is a motive. In most cases with Republicans, the left believes conservatives are motivated entirely by racism and sexism in varying forms. They are WRONG.


I’ll never forget one left wing columnist’s claim that tax cuts are racist. Are you kidding me? Allowing people to keep their money is racist? What kind of absolute garbage is that?

Priorities USA was probably rubbing their hands together with glee thinking, “We got him!” not realizing their ad actually HELPS Trump.

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