Thursday, September 29, 2016

A man wearing a Make America Great Again hat was surrounded by Black Lives Matter and physically attacked and beat up multiple times. They even hunted him down when he attempted to flee!

21 year old Feras Jabro wore a Make America Great Again Trump hat to a Black Lives Matter protest in El Cajon, California.

Jabro recorded the entire event and within seconds of filming the protestors started chanting “F*** Trump”

They didn’t stop there. They began hitting him in the back of the head and trying to knock his hat off.

One supporter tried to deny the claim, “You ain’t being attacked, you asking for trouble.”

Jabro responded, “I was just hit in the back of the head simply for the hat I’m wearing.”

After the protestors went after his hat, Jabro attempted to flee whereupon they chased him relentlessly.

Police finally arrived on scene and Jabro recounted the encounter, “I simply walked into the rally wearing a Donald Trump hat. I was attacked, thrown to the ground, kicked, chased….I was cornered, beaten to the ground, when I attempted to run away, I was chased by the entire mob of people.”


At the end of the video, Jabro thanked police officers.

“I want everybody to know, if it wasn’t for these police officers, I probably would have been dead tonight.”

Black Lives Matter tries to label themselves as some kind of protest group that wants peaceful change. They are anything but. They are a radical, violent, hate group.

Feras Jabro was insulted, attacked, and then hunted down by these criminals. These attacks are becoming more and more common every day. They must be STOPPED.

Share if you SUPPORT Feras Jabro and want these THUGS put in PRISON where they BELONG!

H/T: Infowars

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