Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Black Lives Matter organizer accepted an offer from the Maricopa Sheriff’s Office to see what police officers go through in situations like the ones he protests.

Jarrett Maupin organizes protests and marches in Phoenix, where Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the top cop. A local TV station went along with Maupin as he played police officer in highly stressful situations a couple of years ago.

It was a rather humbling experience for Maupin as he made some life changing mistakes that are worse than some of the things he rabble rouses about.


In the long run, Maupin, who is a minister and a felon, learned next to nothing. He continues to protest the police. Even worse, he essentially spat in the police’s eye when he organized a huge protest when five Dallas police officers were killed by a Black Lives Matter supporter. Police and black leaders asked Maupin not to have a protest at this time. But, he persisted. Why?

According to AZ Central, Maupin is a paid puppet. He is an astroturf organizer who gets money to rile people up. So, while he may have appeared genuine when he went through that police training exercise, he traded that learned lesson in for some cash.

Because Maupin has to get paid! His job is to put officers in harm’s way. The same officers who treated Maupin with respect got sold down the river for some coins. He took the pieces of silver.

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