Monday, September 19, 2016

The FBI has identified a suspect in the New York City bombing over the weekend. They are searching for Ahmad Kham Rahami, a 28 year old naturalized citizen from Afghanistan whose picture is below.

Liberals were trying to avoid the word terrorism in the aftermath of the bombing which injured at least 26 people, but with a pipe bomb in New Jersey near the Marine Corp Charity Run and several people being stabbed by an ISIS soldier, their excuses fall flat.

With Rahami being identified, there really isn’t a way for Obama’s sidekicks to dodge away from calling this radical Islamic terrorism. Authorities believe these attacks are part of a terror cell here in the United States, so we might be facing even more attacks.

New Yorkers in the Chelsea neighborhood got quite a shock on Saturday night when a pressure cooker bomb, possibly set off by Rahami, detonated. As you can see in the raw video below from a surveillance camera, people tried to flee the area. This is the reality of having a government that fails to identify terrorists and terrorists.

Liberals are going to have a hard time tap dancing around three terror attacks in one weekend. Average Americans are tired of their safety taking a backseat to political correctness. The terrorists want to kill us, but liberals are more concerned with hurting their feelings than protecting Americans.

Please share this to let others know the FBI is looking out for Rahami.


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