Friday, September 23, 2016

Keith Lamont Scott was the man killed by police in Charlotte that has led to several days of violence and looting. His brother, Tim Jackson was asked by a local news crew if he had any comment and sure enough, he did, calling white people and white cops “f***king devils.”

The following video is is NSFW, so be aware:

Harsh. There’s only one problem.

The cop who who fired his weapon, killing Scott, is black. 

It’s pretty stunning how an incident involving a black suspect, a black police officer, and a black Chief of Police has been turned into an issue about race. In fact, it’s because of the aforementioned race of all involved the President Obama hasn’t opened his mouth.

The behavior by this brother and the rest of the THUGS in Charlotte is absolutely unacceptable. The destruction of property and beating of innocent people is DISGUSTING. We can NO longer tolerate it. Our police should be unleashed to protect us!

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