Wednesday, September 7, 2016

One Indiana Trump supporter, Phillip, is tired of his sign being stolen by liberals. He fought back by setting up a booby trap to catch the next thief. Since there seems to be no shortage of left wingers who want to silence Republicans, he caught someone pretty quickly.

Phillip set up strings and a camera in his yard to get evidence of the sign grabbers. He got a woman on camera attempting to steal the signs but her theft was thwarted when she tripped over the strings. Now, he’s taken the video to the police.

Check out the video below. Do you think the woman will see justice?

I hope they catch her! At the very least, I hope someone recognizes her and she is embarrassed for trespassing on someone’s yard and attempting to steal their property simply because she disagrees with them.

Disagreeing with someone doesn’t give this woman the right to steal and suppress Phillip’s free speech!

Please make this woman famous and share this!

H/T: Bro Bible

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