Thursday, September 29, 2016

A girl was sitting on the banks of a river in South Africa enjoying the sunshine when a cobra raced towards her. In a remarkable move, she reached out, grabbed the cobra and then tossed it away!

Her fast reflexes can be seen in the video below. I don’t think that’s how I would have reacted!

Not so fast though! Her brother who posted the video wrote:

“Yes it was pulled via fishing rod with fluorocarbon line. My brother and I were trying to scare my sister into running but it seems that she was prepared, seeing that I grew up catching snakes along that river since I was just a boy and she would sometimes join me. She did not handle it as we expected her to, very much impressed!!”

She still acted quickly even though she was being pranked.

If you think she got the better of her brothers, please share this!

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