Thursday, September 15, 2016

“Still Dicking Bimbos” that’s what Colin Powell had to say about Bill Clinton and his lecherous affairs.

Powell’s emails were hacked and leaked by watchdog group DC Leaks. Among the numerous hacked emails were a number of conversations Powell had with the very big Democrat donor and equity fund founder, Jeffrey Leeds.

Take a look where Powell slams the Clintons:

And Powell is right on the money. Clinton has a laundry list of philandering activity. He’s been accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick, accused of groping without consent by Kathleen Willey, and accused of sexually harassing Paula Jones. He’s also allegedly an adulterous affair with Dolly Kyle. He’s even admitted to having affairs with Gennifer Flowers and is most known for his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Not only is Powell right when it comes to Bill, but his complete and utter DENOUNCEMENT of Hillary Clinton is perfect!

Here’s some more info about the leaked Powell emails:

How bad is Crooked Hillary that he considers her a FRIEND and DOES NOT WANT TO VOTE FOR HER?

Just think of how bad you have to be as a candidate that a person who says he RESPECTS you and says you’re a FRIEND….doesn’t want to vote for you.

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