Thursday, September 8, 2016

The insensitivity of some people is incredibly astounding. There always appears to be some people trying to reach new lows with tasteless activity. Even the 9/11 attacks aren’t off limits to these people.

Just days before the 15th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, two Cosplayers at DragonCon in Atlanta disrespected the memories of those killed that day.

The pair were dressed up as the Twin Towers, complete with fire, smoke, and bodies jumping to their deaths. They also wore “Make FishCenter Great Again” hats, so it is believed by some that the couple is from Cartoon Network.

There was immediate outrage from the attendees. They were not about to tolerate these people trolling and mocking the murders of over 3,000 Americans by these terrorists who waged jihad on our country. Thankfully, the attendance of these despicable human beings was short lived. As you learn in the video below, they had already left before organizers could locate them to give them the boot.

Cosplayers took a hard and fast stand against these tasteless costumes. They didn’t want to be associated with these tasteless turds. They got the creeps out of their event and publicly disassociated themselves from the pair.

Imagine losing a loved one at the World Trade Center and then seeing that death mocked fifteen years later at a public event. This cold-hearted stunt is absolutely appalling.

While it is awful that anyone could be so heartless, there is something to be said about how quickly this was stopped by the other cosplayers. Thankfully, there were only two cold-hearted souls at DragonCon and they were quickly ousted and openly shamed. Perhaps that is what we should focus on instead of these two people who trolled thousands of Americans who were murdered by terrorists.

These two should be publicly shamed. Please share this to show this kind of disrespect will not be tolerated!


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