Thursday, September 15, 2016

An 86 year old Bronx woman is being praised for giving one of the best interviews of all time after having her purse stolen.

Bernice Starnes was sitting outside in her wheelchair when a woman approached her. Starnes reported, “She said to me, ‘Good morning,’ then took my purse and said, ‘Yeah, it is a good morning.” Then the thug ran off with Ms. Bernice’s purse.

As the thief ran off with about $100 in cash, plus the contents of the purse, Ms. Bernice yelled, “I want to put my foot up your ass and my fist down your throat.”

The elderly woman then gave an interview to Ayana Harry of Pix 11 following an arrest of the alleged thief. Ms. Bernice said, “That B*tch don’t even know me!”

In the must watch interview below, Starnes also expressed hopes that the thug gets her a*s beat in jail everyday. This woman needs her Crime Stoppers show!

I hope to have as much spunk at age 86 as Ms. Bernice. The victim should be allowed to hand down the sentence. And I agree that this thief should spend the rest of her life in jail. A person would steal from an old lady in a wheelchair will never reform.

You can see raw video of the crime below. What a low life this thug is!

Please share this if you agree with Ms. Bernice and want this B*tch locked up!

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