Wednesday, September 7, 2016

After voting for Brexit, the withdraw of Great Britain from the European Union earlier this year, Great Britain is now doubling down to make sure immigrants can not easily access their country. They plan to build an ENORMOUS wall at Calais.

Britain’s Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill confirmed construction of the 13-foot concrete wall will begin soon. The wall will replace fencing that failed to prevent immigrants from stowing away on British trucks, allowing them illegal access to the country.

“We are going to start building this big new wall very soon. We’ve done the fence, now we are doing a wall.”

Goodwill noted the wall will halt the flow of iimmigrants and increase driver safety.

“The security that we are putting in at the port is being stepped up with better equipment. We are going to start building this big new wall very soon as part of the £17 million package we are doing with the French.”

The port at Calais has been a battlefront. French police commissioner Patrick Visser-Bourdon reported there were 22,000 breaches of the port road defenses in June alone!

In late June, there was even an outright battle between French police and illegal immigrants. The immigrants, armed with stones and debris, attacked vehicles as they attempted to board ships en route to the United Kingdom. They even blockaded roads forcing trucks to slow down allowing illegals to sneak on board.

In order to control the rampaging immigrants, riot police were deployed using tear gas.

Watch immigrants attack trucks in Calais:

Many French truck drivers and farmers have had enough with the immigrants. They blockaded the main highway into the port on Monday demanding the main refugee camp be closed and removed.

The British are taking action into their own hands to prevent these people from sneaking into their country to create who knows what kind of havoc. They are building a wall to solve the problem!

They have heeded the advice of Donald Trump and pretty much the entire history of the human race. Building walls keeps people out. We must elect Donald Trump to do the same here. We will BUILD the WALL!

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H/T: Breaking 911

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