Monday, September 19, 2016

The former Haitian Senate President has accused Bill Clinton of bribery. This could get messy in this hotly contested election year. The Clintons don’t need anything else exposed.

At a Trump campaign event in Little Haiti, Bernard Sansaricq told the crowd that in 1994, he asked the White House not to invade Haiti. Clinton sent Bill Richardson, who was a Democratic Congressman from New Mexico at that time, to meet with Sansaricq.

Clinton had been threatening to invade Haiti in an attempt to oust that country’s leader. Richardson met with the Senate President for four hours. A week later, the American Embassy sent an anonymous messenger to tell Sansaricq if he “sided” with Bill Clinton, he would become the “richest man in Haiti.”

Sansaricq declined the White House’s offer. A week later, his US visa was revoked. Sansaricq, who is now a US citizen, said the Clinton Foundation withheld funds raised for relief efforts intended for the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

You can hear Sansaricq’s accusations against the Clintons in the video below.

The Clinton Foundation has been accused of being a slush fund for Bill and Hillary Clinton, so these accusations aren’t exactly groundbreaking. But, it’s  stunning that someone at Sansaricq’s level has made these public charges.

There have been prior accusations that the Clinton Foundation’s $30 million haul intended for relief efforts in Haiti was not used appropriately. Some of the funds went to build luxury hotels, benefiting the wealthy and not the people who needed it following the earthquake.

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H/T: News Ninja

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