Friday, September 30, 2016

Mark Ross didn’t like cops. He had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and didn’t want to get tangled up with a police officer and sent to jail. But, his mind was changed by the very sincere and generous act of an Ohio State Patrolman.

Ross’s 15 year old sister had been killed. He had a friend drive him to Detroit to be with his family since he didn’t have a license. His friend also didn’t have a license, so when they were pulled over for speeding, it looked like they were both heading to jail.

But, when the trooper heard that Ross was heading to be with his family after his young sister’s death, instead of arresting him, he gave Ross a 100 mile ride to Detroit. As you can see in the video below, the grieving brother was so overwhelmed by the trooper’s good deed that he wanted everyone to know about it.

Ross’s Facebook post about the events that night went viral. After reading it, you will understand why.

That was quite a sacrifice of time for the officer and it may have paid off in spades. This is what people who fear the police need to see. I’m sorry Mark Ross lost his sister and I am grateful he has a new perspective on the police.

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H/T: Right Wing News

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