Monday, September 26, 2016

The first presidential debate of the 2016 general election is likely to draw a big audience given the high stakes. Speaking of height, just like Napoleon, Hillary appears to be suffering from short man syndrome.

Hillary is 5’4″ while Trump is 6’2″. This obviously has the scandal plagued Democratic nominee concerned. Her campaign has attempted to compensate for almost a foot difference in height. They modified her podium.

But if you remember, I 2008 when Joe Biden (6’0″) and Sarah Palin (5’5″) debated, they were both standing on the ground behind their lecterns. Even with heels, Palin still appeared shorter than Biden.

Hillary finds this absolutely unacceptable. Look at the difference between the two podiums. Can you see the difference?

It looks like Hillary will even have a block to stand on. But the podiums are also very different in size. Trump’s podium is much larger while Hillary’s is smaller. This is an attempt to make Hillary look bigger while making Trump look smaller. The idea is to diminish Trump’s presence while increasing Hillary’s. It’s a very tricky and deceptive visual tactic.

Maybe they should ditch the podiums altogether. But, with Hillary’s failing health she probably needs something to help support herself, a podium will do that.

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H/T: One Hundred Percent Fed Up

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