Friday, September 23, 2016

Why on earth would you voluntarily get stung by something known as a “cow killer ant?” That’s exactly what this clown did despite the fact the average cow weighs nearly TWO THOUSAND POUNDS. If a bite from an insect is painful to a cow, why on earth would you let it sting your own flesh?

But that’s exactly what this guy does. He purposefully pulls the ant out of a jar and places it right next to his skin. You can’t get dumber than this!

Watch this idiot writhe in pain for a few minutes:

The “ant” is actually some kind of wingless wasp that makes it look like a giant ant.

The guy knows what it is and yet he still acts somewhat surprised at how painful it is. Once again it is known as a COW KILLER ANT. Did he think the level of pain it caused was just being made up? Maybe for his next trick, he can stick his head in the mouth of a grizzly bear or his arm in the mouth of a crocodile.

Share it with others. Ask them, “Do you want to see somebody do something really stupid?” If they say yes, just have them watch this video.

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